My name is Marilyn Erickson, I live in Canada in the Pacific Northwest and I’ve been gathering things that inspire or intrigue me since I was twelve years old! An enormous curiosity, a lot of travel, various homes, multiple cities, several careers, an antique shop and two children later…much much later…I’ve retired and have a little more time to indulge and spend time on the things I love…my grand-daughter, family, friends, travel, literature, food, science, fashion, collectibles, photography, activism and mentorship.

I’ve enjoyed these treasures I’ve collected, and it’s time to move them along. I’ve loved them, photographed them, and look forward now to finding them new homes so they can be appreciated and continue to delight. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I have! Every object is part of a story and I’ll be happy to share some of them with you. Occasionally I’ve been known to go off topic and I’m often distracted by bright sparkly things, babies, bugs birds, and animals.

I love dressing up, sometimes wear vintage clothing and funky specs, like to paint, read, bake, create, and share delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes, look for bargains, glamp, float in a lake, explore new roads, watch Canadian and foreign film, research everything, spend time with children and pets, make new friends, sing out loud, visit Paris or lay on a Cuban or Hawaiian beach… and when I snuggle with my renaissance man, the love of my life I once wished on a star for, all is perfect in my little world.


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